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Set just steps from the world famous Sairee Beach on Koh Tao, Monsoon Gym & Fight Club is one of the best places in all of Thailand to step up your Muay Thai, Jiu JItsu or Boxing game regardless of your goals!

For the last 20 years, Monsoon Gym has hosted some of the best fighters from throughout the world and continues to excel in bringing you the best fight training experience in the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Tao has long been a regular stop on the backpacker circuit and continues to receive rave reviews as one of the world’s best island destinations. It’s stunning crystal clear waters are legendary among scuba divers and beachgoers alike.

In addition to the vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches and great local and international food options, Koh Tao also has long been a home for some great fight training.

Monsoon Gym first got its start in 2001 and was the first gym of any kind on Koh Tao. Soon we began offering Muay Thai training taught by a former Southern Thailand Champion. From modest beginnings, we are now in our third location and have the space, location, and facilities to offer a truly top-notch fitness and fight training experience in Thailand.
Whether you just want to hit our well-appointed weight training gym, join a Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu class, try your hand at western Boxing, get into peak conditioning with some of our HIIT classes or join one of our fitness boot camps, Monsoon Gym has you covered.
We can offer the full “fight club” experience for those looking to be fully immersed and wanting to live onsite in our shared, aircon dorm room. Our kitchen serves up tasty food. You can hang out and watch Muay Thai, UFC fights, European and American football on our big screen TV’s, and there are classes going on throughout the day.

Sairee Beach, one of the most beautiful in Thailand, is a 30 second walk from our door. Between training, you can go for a dip, enjoy the sun, sample some great food or enjoy a sunset drink in one of Thailand’s most picturesque spots.

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Monsoon Gym FAQs

What is a typical training day in Muay Thai like? 

A typical Muay Thai session with Monsoon Gym will be catered to your level of skills and what you would like to gain from the sport. If you are a beginner, we will ask that you do some sort of a warm-up for about 10 minutes. Whether it is skipping on the mats or going into the gym to use the cardio equipment, we want to muscles to get heated up and for our guys to get a sweat on to decrease the risk of injury or muscle pain after the session.

If you are a seasoned Nak Muay (student), we will ask you to come early and go for a run before starting the skipping.
Next we will wrap your hands and ask you to do a few minutes of shadow boxing (for those who are trained), or we will take novice Muay Thai students through some basic offensive strikes and defensive positions. Then we will have everyone alternate between rounds on the bag, rounds with the trainers holding pads and correcting your form, and a rest round. We will usually get through four to five rotations like this.

Most of our classes will then move on to either some clinch training or sparring (for those who are keen). All of our guys love to spar and will be happy to accommodate sparring in every class- regardless of your level. The idea of the sparring and clinch training is to practice what you have learned rather than to show deficiencies. Our trainers simply love to teach their sport and are always respectful of people who are interested in learning.

Towards the end of class, the trainers will put you through a 5-10 minute mini circuit training session just to make sure you have not missed any of the muscle groups along the way. And that is finished off with a 5-10 minute stretching session. Then we do it all over again in the afternoon!
Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and give themselves a break when they feel they need it. That is, unless they are training for a fight. In that case, the trainers will push beyond what you think you can handle. At Monsoon Gym, as at many authentic Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, our philosophy towards fight training is embodied by the Thai maxim “Train hard. Fight Easy.”

What is 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu? 

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is a system designed by famed Jiu Jitsu black belt Eddie Bravo. It’s a non-traditional system created specifically for use without the gi. In fact, the 10th Planet method was among the first to ditch the gi and was meant for its techniques to be employed by the MMA community. 10th Planet practitioners have helped push the sport of jiu jitsu in new directions and have many prestigious wins in international competitions. There are over 70 10th Planet affiliates throughout the world. Monsoon Gym & Fight Club is only the 2nd in Asia and only 10th Planet gym in Thailand.

What is a typical Fitness Boot camp workout? 

One thing is for sure, there is no typical workout in our Thailand boot camps at Monsoon Gym! One day we may start with a High Intensity Interval Training class, followed by a jungle trek and an evening private Boxing class. The next day may just be a beach workout with sprints and dynamic exercises using sandbags followed by an ocean swim along Sairee reef and a Muay Thai class to wrap it up. We often do a short ab/core blaster session followed by a slow jog along the beach road finishing with a Tabata class or a private Weight Training session in the gym. We have options to join Jiu Jitsu classes, SUP cruises, Yoga classes and more.

Our idea is o keep you active 2-3 times a day. Some classes are intense. Others are easier. But combined with healthy meals from our kitchen as well as some of our nearby tasty eateries, you’ll be feeling and looking fit and healthy in no time!

Do I need to get into shape before I train Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, HIIT, etc.? 

“Get in shape” first?

The point of all of these classes is to promote fitness and fight goals. Whatever shape you’re in is where you should be when you start training. You want to get better, lose weight, build muscle, increase cardio, improve technique, whatever…? START TRAINING NOW.

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