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Koh Tao, Thailand

Monsoon Gym first opened on Koh Tao in 2001 and has been operating non-stop ever since. Our location in the heart of the island, just 50 meters from the famous Sairee Beach is easily accessible from the entire island by motorbike and is a short walk from the most populated areas.

The beautiful sunsets begin just as we finish off our afternoon classes and can be seen from the beach while sipping a cold drink and lounging in the sea. Great restaurants, shopping areas, traditional massage shops, convenience stores and lots of nightlife are just a short stroll from the training area.

The indoor weight training area is air-conditioned throughout and has a great selection of free-weights, machines and cardio conditioning devices.

For the uninitiated, our trainers can help introduce you to the gym, put together a routine, give you personal attention with private workouts and even advise you on diet and nutrition.

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Gym | Weight Training & Cardio FAQs

What cardio equipment is available at Monsoon Gym? 

We have all the cardio machines you’d expect to find in a well equipped gym.

  • Elliptical trainers
  • Running treadmills
  • Exercise bikes

Plus our cardio workouts aren’t confined to the gym. We’re also out jogging, running and trekking, exploring the rugged jungle trails crisscrossing Koh Tao’s tropical terrain. Many of the viewpoints are incredible.

Does Monsoon Gym have free weights or weight training machines? 

We have both. Whatever your training regime, we’ve got you covered.

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