Muay Thai Boxing Training
Koh Tao, Thailand

Muay Thai training is almost universally recognized as one of the best stand-up combat sports in the world. MMA fighters have a long tradition of coming to Thailand to hone their skills, learn new techniques and train in a physically demanding place which also offers some of the best food, friendliest people and most picturesque views in the world!

Koh Tao training has a great balance of intense work with great Muay Thai trainers who have literally hundreds of fights under their belts, beautiful beaches and lush mountain jungles for exploring in your down time.

Head Muay Thai Trainer, Gon, is a respected former Southern Muay Thai champion who is easy-going but serious, speaks great English and is enthusiastic about running our Muay Thai camp to maximize the potential of all our Muay Thai trainees. With our team of experienced Muay Thai fighters behind him, the guys make sure that everyone gets great technique training, lots of one-on-one time with the trainers, and a clear understanding of both attacking and defending Muay Thai.

The stable of trainers have years of Muay Thai experience, love teaching their sport and understand that one of the keys to keeping people motivated is to make sure that they can see their improvements while still having fun! They all enjoy being a part of this Muay Thai gym and take an active role in finding ways to constantly improve the Muay Thai experience.

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Muay Thai Boxing Training FAQs

Is Muay Thai training hard? 

Muay Thai is a great physical workout both for building muscle and shredding fat. There is a lot of cardio training in a Muay Thai session. For new Muay Thai students, our trainers start with going through the basic offensive movements (the 8 strikes- punches, kicks, knees and elbows) and defensive postures (blocking and checking). And then they will take you on the pads and allow you to get comfortable with all that while correcting your form along the way. Don’t worry if you are a beginner to Muay Thai- everyone is a beginner at some point!

Is Muay Thai training a good workout? 

YES!!! Of course any workout is only as beneficial as the effort you put in, but one of the great things about Muay Thai is that it is easy to really push yourself hard because it is such a fun way to burn calories, improve mobility, learn a great skill and meet new people.

Do I need to be in shape to start Muay Thai? 

Muay Thai is a sport that EVERYONE can practice at any time. It is not necessary to GET INTO shape to practice Muay Thai. Practicing Muay Thai GETS YOU IN SHAPE! That’s the point of the sport for most people.

Should I lift weights for Muay Thai? 

When you see Muay Thai fighters that have been training for a long time, what most people see are guys and girls who are lean, ripped and have a great work rate. That is true of people who have been training regularly for longer periods. What you may not see is that they are also incredibly strong! Anything that you do which can build strength translates well into Muay Thai and other fight sports. Core strength and conditioning training in the gym will definitely complement your Muay Thai training, but it is not a prerequisite. At Monsoon Gym & Fight Club, we are one of the few fight-training facilities in Thailand who offer access to a full weight training gym to all of our martial arts trainees.

How much does a Muay Thai camp cost? 

In Thailand, you can expect a wide range in prices, facilities and inclusions for a Muay Thai camp. Monsoon Gym offers all of our fight club trainees access to any of our classes- Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and HIIT. In addition, you can use the weight training gym as much as you like for the time you are here. This will cost as little as 200 USD/month if you arrange your own accommodation. This is comparable to gym fees in some places in the western world! Or you can pay around 400 USD/month to stay onsite in our shared aircon dorm. People staying here have a quiet, fun place to stay with other like-minded trainees. There is good wifi, a sitting area with big-screen TV, a kitchen, fridge and the fight training facilities are just meters away. We also are just 50 meters from the nicest part of one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches!

How do Muay Thai fighters kick? 

In Muay Thai, strikes are thrown to do damage and stop an opponent rather than to score points for a judge. That doesn’t mean that you will ever need to throw a kick to hurt someone, but you will definitely be trained to. Muay Thai kicks are violent. The trainers teach you to have your leg straight on impact and to drive through the landing area. These kicks are taught to be aimed on the calves, thighs, ribs, liver, spleen and head of opponents and to come from many angles. Speed is crucial to landing a good Muay Thai kick and you will be given exercises to improve both your speed and power throughout your training.

How do I prepare for a Muay Thai camp? 

If you don’t have time to train at home, don’t worry about it. You will have plenty of time to train Muay Thai once you get to Koh Tao! However, if you are training, things like improving your cardio will be a huge help. Also core training is crucial to avoiding injuries. In addition, leg strengthening exercises will help (squats, lunges, burpees, star jumps, etc). We incorporate this into our Muay Thai sessions both between rounds with your trainers and as a group at the end of class. The better shape you are in when you arrive, the more you can work on improving your technique for Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, etc. However, you can take comfort in knowing that there are people coming through who are at all levels.

How long is a Muay Thai session? 

At Monsoon Gym our Muay Thai sessions are 90 minutes. They include a warm-up, a few minutes of shadow boxing (for experienced trainees), alternating bag and pad sessions with the trainers, clinching technique, core training and stretching. For those who are willing, we do sparring sessions at the end, but it is not required. When you are here doing a camp, we will encourage you to train twice a day, but again, it is not required.

Can you get a black belt in Muay Thai? 

No. Muay Thai trainees are recognized by what they can do in the ring against other opponents in real fights. The only belts are championship belts given out by the various promotions. Our head trainer, Gon, is a former Southern Thailand champion.

What does Muay Thai do to your body? 

Practicing Muay Thai in Thailand is transformative! It will help you shed weight quickly. It will also allow you to grow muscle quickly. Muay Thai fighters are known for their strength, physiques of low-fat and high-definition and great flexibility. It also transforms your mind by allowing you to achieve goals, growing your confidence and self-belief. All martial arts do this to some degree, but there is nothing like training Muay Thai in the stifling heat of Thailand to truly test yourself!

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